Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Biggest Ever Credit Card Data Breach

Biggest ever credit card data breach
Posted on January 27th, 2009 by DCS
A major reason that DCS Netlink is hosting InterSec 2009 is that breaches are happening everyday and in ever increasing frequency. The bad guys are getting “badder” while the good guys are trying to make a living. Read below about one of the most recent breaches….consider coming to InterSec 2009…it may just change the way you think and act on the Internet.

Computer World - Jaikumar Vijayan reports:
A data breach disclosed [Tuesday] by Heartland Payment Systems may well displace TJX Companies’ January 2007 breach in the record books as the largest ever involving payment data with potentially over 100 million cards being compromised.
Heartland, a N.J.-based provider of credit and debit card processing services said that unknown intruders had broken into its systems sometime last year and planted malicious software to steal card data carried on the company’s networks. The company, which is among the largest payment processors in the country, claimed to have discovered the intrusion only last week … Given that Heartland processes more than 100 million card transactions per month, it is very possible that the number of compromised credit and debit cards is at least that much.

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