Thursday, May 7, 2009

Celebrate Your Successes

I want to share with you a little thing we call "celebrating success."

It's really important that we celebrate the successes of our team members in our companies and even in our homes and/or personal lives. Many times we all just go through the day and we don't really recognize people for some of the tough accomplishments and really excellent work that they have completed. So like today at DCS Netlink, we celebrated one of our team member’s really great accomplishments! What happened was that this team member had been working on someone's computer the day before, and had been able to restore the email that the customer had accidentally deleted. Now, the interesting part is that the e-mail had not been saved nor was a copy of it on the server, so there appeared not to be any method of being able to get the mail back that had been deleted permanently. But, this technician was able to find a way. So with authenticity and genuineness we gathered the team together, we rang our cowbell, and we celebrated his success!

I want to encourage you to think about how you too can celebrate successes using a cowbell or a “pat on the back” for someone doing a really good thing or job. Sometimes it can be just small things, its just very important that we actually take time to celebrate the successes of others and our team members. Especially in this economy, its important to have a good attitude and sometimes we have to act our way into a good attitude, and the best way to do that is to encourage someone else so that they feel better and can act their way into a better attitude as well. Focusing on others and their well-being is the job of a great leader.

Until next time, keep leading with character first..

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