Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why am I running for Senate?

Today, I am returning home from the 2010 Wisconsin GOP Convention. The last three days was spent networking and talking with some of the best and most conservative minds in America including: Karl Rove, Congressman Paul Ryan, Governor Tim Pawlenty, and more.

During the last three days, I listened to numerous candidates campaigning for every political race available in Wisconsin’s 2010 elections. Most of those candidates expressed why they were running for office. You know, the usual reasons and logic pervaded all of the speeches. In my mind I kept saying that I was running, because I wanted to make a difference. In fact, many of the speeches that espoused conservative values and principles I could have written and/or given. Many times recently I even did so. Yet, in my heart and mind there was something more. Somehow I knew there was something other than just wanting to make a difference, but I could not express it in words.

While waiting for my flight from Milwaukee, WI to Orlando (to spend the week with my wife, and two of my children and their families) I realized what had been missing that I couldn’t put into words. The reason I was running all of a sudden occurred to me after a stranger in the security checkpoint line asked me why I was going to Orlando. I quickly told him that my second oldest son, Moses, was being deployed to Iraq soon and most likely this would be the last time I would get to spend with him before he deployed.

Yes, that was it. I was running for the office of Senate for my family, and more importantly for my son and others like him that were sacrificing so much on the battlefield to keep our American way of life free for us. It was then that the reason I was running all of a sudden became very real. I was running for the Wisconsin Senate so that I could ensure that I was going to give him a chance to have a voice that represented “duty to country.” I was going to work for him and all of the soldiers like him. I was going to work for the children, families, companies and people of Wisconsin to offer leadership and strong moral character that would ensure we had effective leadership again in our government, leadership with ideas and work ethic that once again were steered by a moral compass. I realized that my son was soon going to be fighting in a battle zone for not only my freedom and liberty, but also for the freedom and liberty of all who call themselves Americans, and more specifically, Wisconsinites.

Just as my son will soon be fighting in Iraq under a military campaign, it would now be my duty to honor my country by fighting to win our political campaign, for his sake. I now know it is my responsibility to campaign for the senate seat and WIN so that “WE THE PEOPLE” ensure at least one more seat in government is filled by someone who will be “leading with character and common sense” to ensure our 2nd amendment rights, pro-life, traditional marriage, pro-family, and all of our rich constitutional rights and conservative values/principles.

Yes, I now know why I am running. I am running to make a difference, and it will be a “bigger” difference indeed.

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