Sunday, October 9, 2011

Begins with
Investment in Self

Let me ask you a very important question. Do you make it a goal to invest in yourself?

Now, I am not talking about sports or hobbies or even how to improve you technically. What I am really asking is whether or not you are making it a goal and priority to grow yourself in regards to soft “people” skills like leadership, relationships, attitude, communications, character education, etc.

Recently, it has become clear to me that one of the reasons people may not lead well, may be a result of not leading themselves or investing time and energy in growing themselves as leaders.

Without investing in ourselves as individuals, we probably won’t be able to invest in others. Without having received anything from investing in ourselves, it stands to reason that we most likely won’t have anything to give or invest in others either. I love what John Maxwell says, “Leadership develops daily, not in a day.” That means we really need to make it our goal to invest in ourselves and grow with soft “people” skills on a daily basis so that we become stronger and better leaders who in turn are able to invest in their team, family, or organization.

So, why not start today? Find a person who can mentor you, or go to a seminar where you learn more about yourself in leadership or management, or even read a book that focuses on an interest of yours where you can invest in yourself and add value to your own life. When you do that, you will be ready and able to invest in others and add value to their lives as well.

I guarantee you that no matter what occupation you are in, your quality of life will improve and your feeling that you are leading a balanced life will improve as well. Bob Burg said it best in his successful book titled, “The Go-Giver” (visit my Go-Giver website), when he focused on the Law of Authenticity and said, “The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.” Are you ready to “gift” yourself to others? Start today to invest in yourself and you will find that not only will you be more successful and feel better about yourself, but you will add value and significance to others and serve to make them more successful as well. Invest in yourself! For more info and resources on how to get started growing and investing in your leadership training (LMDC website) or visit my John Maxwell website.

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