Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Are your IT people Non-"Techy" Enough?

Over the past year, we have experienced companies from many different markets coming to us who are desperate and in really bad IT and technology situations. Have you ever been there? Your server is dead, your phones don’t work, your website is down, your computers are slow, and you can’t get BUSINESS done!

Some companies have all of a sudden realized that their IT department, computers, and/or networks are NOT working well and they have to do something about it, even though they have an IT department or staff that should have taken care of things. They don’t know what to do, but they now realize they have a BIG problem on their hands, because these problems did not happen overnight.

Some companies come to us when their servers are DEAD and they have no backup and in many cases, never had a backup.

Other companies have now realized that fraud or theft was actually taking place from people they thought they could trust that were responsible for the “Heart” of their company: IT operations.

Other companies wanted the cheapest price possible for the IT services and they got what they paid for….little or nothing and now their data is gone, or they can’t find the passwords, or they just don’t know their IT health status at all.

Is that you? If it is, it doesn’t have to be that way!

We have helped all these companies and many more with our FIT Care Club Managed IT Services. The best part about our FIT Managed IT Services is that you get a whole team of engineers, managers, and even a Chief Information Officer. How much would that cost you if you had to hire each of those people? And even if you could afford it, as the owner or manager of your business and not an IT Guru, how do you find one person that you can hire to do it all? Virtually impossible!!

Your company computers, networks, phones, and internet services don’t have to suffer like these customers if you can answer these 5 questions about the reasons why you might consider FIT Care Club Managed IT Services:

1. Do they speak in English! Or do they speak in “Techy?” Not everything is about technology, even if they are IT Engineers and even though they are the people responsible for your IT and they want you to think it is. Do they have good “people skills?” IT is not all about technology! They need to talk in layman’s terms and help you know the status of your computers, networks, and internet.

2. Are they trustworthy? Do you have a “one man band” running and operating your IT? If you do, you should not depend on only one person to have the Keys to the Kingdom, no matter how truly trustworthy they might be. Who do you have watching them? If the answer is no one, then you need someone, even an outside company like ours that can give you the good, the bad, and the ugly news.

3. Is the Paperwork complete and thorough? If there even is any documentation or paperwork that is! If your IT people can’t or don’t cross the “t’s” and dot the “i’s” then you are going to eventually have a BIG problem. Sloppiness in paperwork is a telltale sign that the technicians and/or engineers are sloppy overall, and you should be asking, “what else haven’t they done to make sure we are IT ready!”

4. Can you live without your IT Staff or Person? Are they suggesting and recommending new ways of doing things that make your company and/or team more efficient? If not, they should be! Many IT services have become commoditized now, and yet, IT people keep trying to justify their jobs….they may not be telling you that you no longer need a mail server (i.e.- POP3 or Microsoft Exchange) anymore. They don’t want to lose their job, so they are potentially going to make you believe that you can’t live without them or that server.

5. Are they indispensable? Can you afford to let them have one or even two week of vacation and no way to contact them? If not, then you need to consider that the number one security threat in IT is the “Human Factor.” One way to ensure you know that person is really doing their job and that IT type things are going well is to hire another company to be your backup to your IT person. Send your IT person on a one week vacation, and if there are “skeletons” in the closet, they will certainly come out during that timeframe.

So, how did you do? Can you answer all 5 of those questions confidently? If you can, great! You most likely don’t need a managed IT service, but if you answered any one or combination of these questions with another question, then you may want to consider an IT Managed Serices company like ours.

Fortunately, we have a solution that is clear and simple with our IT managed services called Freedom IT (FIT) Care Club.

Here are some of the benefits of our services:

1. We are a Trusted FIT! We become an extension of your team and business. We are your Trusted IT Advisor, whether you have IT people now or not. We can augment your team in many different ways. Our CEO is your Chief Information Officer and he has more than 32 years of IT experience in all facets of the Internet and technology world.

2. We are Security FIT! Each of our IT engineers is vetted by the FBI organization Infragard, and has a law enforcement sensitive clearance. It is comforting to know that your FIT Care Club Team has had background investigations that ensure they are who they say they are.

3. We can adjust our services to fit everyone’s budget. We have a FIT for you!

4. We are certified FIT! We have engineers and an IT Team that will give you peace of mind knowing they can do IT!

5. FIT for any size! We are willing and able to customize your IT managed services to whatever fit you need. We can fix computers and networks on a “break fix” basis, or you can hire us for critical periods of time to augment your staff for once in a while projects, or you can even hire us on a daily and monthly basis to be your entire IT Team. No matter the need, we care and we have a managed services program to FIT all of your IT needs….Freedom IT Care Club.

To learn more about our Freedom IT Care Club, visit: http://mis.dcsnetlink.com/  Because we care about your IT!