Monday, March 23, 2015

Randomness has a Purpose!

KnowBe4 CEO (Stu Sjourman) brings out a very good point this month in his email.  People just seem to gloss over Security Alerts.  Why is that?

KnowBe4's Phishing education program is top notch.  Recently, they added the ability to send out random phishing email tests to users.  By doing that people can no longer warn each other about the phishing emails that are being sent out purposefully in their organization.  

The big question is and always has been:  How do we get people to think on their own...especially on security related information?

Interesting research Stu is referring to here in his blog.  More interesting is that KnowBe4 now has a Random setting to send out different Phishing emails so that one employee cannot warn another employee by telling them "don't click on this email."  So, the analytics with the phishing prone results have gone up since the random phishing email setting now allows different people in the organization to get different emails...which means....each person has to THINK on their own.

So, do you want your people to think on their own when it comes to security with emails?  

If so, set your phishing emails to random and see what happens with your users.  Do you think they will be more phish prone?  Just do it and find out.

This research makes "once a year phishing tests" by some security companies understandably obsolete.

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Remember, "Security is Everyone's Business."

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