Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Why InterSec Wisconsin 2016? - May 3rd Internet Security Event - Camp Douglas Wisconsin


May 3rd - Camp Douglas, WI
The Best Internet Security Education you will ever get!
it is low cost and all in ENGLISH!

Why InterSec Wisconsin 2016?

We have all heard of cyber security incidents lately.  From Ransomware victims to stolen identities....the threats are more ferocious and occurring with ever more frequency.  So, you should be asking, "how can I keep myself, my family, and my company or organization secure in the future?"  That is our goal at this answer that question.

Most other conferences want to teach you all the "techy" stuff and try to make you believe that hardware and technology will keep you safe.  I can tell you that no technology will keep you 100% safe and secure.  So, how do you learn to get secure and stay safe?  We will teach you that at this 4 hour conference.

This Internet Security Conference is called InterSec Wisconsin 2016, and will be held May 3rd, at Camp Douglas Wisconsin.  Here is our website to learn more and register:

It used to be that firewalls, anti-virus, anti-malware may have been good enough to keep the "bad guys" out.  However, the game has changed and today, it is very difficult for a firewall, or any security solution to do everything needed to keep the bad guys out.  

In particular, you are the weakest link....that is to say, THE HUMAN FACTOR.  This conference is designed not for the technically inclined, but just the opposite.  The decision makers, the leaders, the non-techies.  I promise we will keep the "cookies on the bottom shelf."

If there is a conference that you need to attend this year, that will speak to your "bottom line," or impact you potentially the most, both professionally and personally...this is it!

Listen to my radio broadcast this morning on WWIB in Eau Claire, WI.  I talk about the current threats, the Human Factor, InterSec 2016, and Internet Security education.  

Click on the Bobby Blackhat image below and enjoy the podcast.  Register today!