Sunday, December 3, 2017

Cyber Security and the Risks & Challenges in Manufacturing Today!

Learn what you really need to know to keep you, your family, and your companysafe in the Internet connected world today!

Find out what the greatest challenge to cyber security in the manufacturing sector is. You will be surprised to find out it is not the entity you think it is!

Finally, learn how as an effective leader for your company, you can be even more effective and efficient by providing your company the right kind of security strategy both inside and outside (on the Internet) your network.

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Cyber Security and the Risks & Challenges in Manufacturing Today!

We hear about leadership quite often, and even how important leadership is in all facets of our lives.  During this episode of The Ararat Connection, we are joined by our Guest Andrea Olson.  Andrea is the author of “No Disruptions: The New Future for Mid-Market Manufacturing.”

In October, Dane and Andrea explored the definition of real leadership as well as why leaders need to lead by example with Character First to be an effective leader in shaping their personal, family and corporate lives.  Today, we will be taking that a step further and discussing what it takes for leaders to keep themselves, their families, their teams, and company cultures more secure in this totally digitally connected world we live in now.  We will delve into network and internet security best practices as well as things you need to have in place to detect and prevent breaches and security compromises from happening in the first place.

"Hello...and Welcome!  I am Dane DEUTSCH your host....coming to you with another episode of The Ararat Connection.  This is going to be another great show today.  There is nothing more important these days than Character and more specifically Character driven Leadership.  That was the topic of our Radio Show in October of this year.  However, another topic of almost equal relevance and importance is the topic of getting secure and staying secure in this digitally connected world we live in today.

That is the topic of today’s podcast:  
Cyber Security and the Risks & Challenges in Manufacturing Today!

Today we have Andrea Olson as a guest.

Andrea is the author of a book titled, "No Disruptions: The New Future For Mid-Market Manufacturing.”

Andrea Olson is inspiring and educating industrial business leaders on how to transform their outlook and approach to Marketing, Technology and Communications to operate more efficiently and increase profitability.

Andrea's 19-year, field-tested background provides unique, applicable approaches to creating leaner, more effective, technology-driven, customer-facing operations. A 4-time ADDY® award-winner, she began her career at a tech startup, and led the strategic marketing efforts at two global industrial manufacturers.

Andrea is the CEO of Prag'madik, an Operational Strategy Consultancy, and also the Director of the Midwest Manufacturing Business Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of mid-market manufacturing in the US.

Andrea's most recent book, "No Disruptions", provides manufacturing leaders an easy, educational read on how to increase revenue generation through marketing, branding, and effective technology implementation.

In addition to writing, consulting and coaching, Andrea speaks to leaders and industry organizations around the world on operational strategies to discover new sources of revenues and savings.
Welcome Andrea!

First of all, can you tell us a little more about your book and what you were sharing with your

readers about security, specifically Internet or Cyber Security for the manufacturing sector or

vertical marketplace?

So,during our show today, we are going to do three things:  
1. Define Cyberspace (Network/Internet) and the Human Factor in terms of Cyberspace and Network security,

2.   Let our audience know 3 key takeaways that they can implement immediately after listening to our show today that will help them minimize the Human Factor and Immediately improve their security posture in the cyberspace world which today is called the Internet of Things?

3.  Learn about National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and why NIST Security Framework can help you know what you need to do to get compliant with the government for contracting purposes.  However, even if you are not involved in government contracting, as cyber security becomes more important and proof of “good faith effort” required by every company to prove they have a security program, the NIST framework will assist you.

FIRST:  October was cyber security awareness month.  However, every month, and even more….every day, needs to be dedicated to cyber security awareness.  Vigilance is key nowadays.  Think about this….whenever you are connected to the Internet, everyone on the Internet is potentially connected to you.  That is mind-boggling and Amazing at the same time!

So, let’s start with the the weakest security link….the Human Factor.  What, do you the listener, think is the greatest threat to our security in networks and on the Internet?  

Hint:  It is not the Bad Gu

If you said anything other than the Human Factor you would be wrong.  The Human Factor is the greatest threat!  You and Me...that is correct...we are the weakest link in the security chain!

The Human Factor is what I call the fallibility of being human.  We make mistakes, we are human!  We get jealous, we get emotional, we get forgetful, we get lazy, we are just Human.  These human traits are really the greatest threat because, sometimes unknowingly, we let the bad guys into our lives, our networks, our emails, etc.  

I call this Human Factor...The Houdini Concept….the great magician, Harry Houdini, believed there was no lock made that could not be broken into or out of.  That is the same concept applied to the security realm.  If it was built by mankind ( and the Internet and networks certainly were and are), then it can be broken and/or broken into by mankind (meaning the bad guys)

SECOND:  So, we have defined Cyber and Internet Security, and we have a solid understanding of the Human Factor, being the greatest threat to our security...let’s dive in and help our audience learn 3 Keys to staying safe and secure in cyberspace today.

1. First….make sure you have a policy that everyone in your company should have security awareness training ( then test each person with random “harmless, but life-like” phishing campaigns (i.e.- companies like PhishingBox, PhishMe, KnowBe4, etc.) against your users in your company’s network.  This should include a daily service which provides real-time “Dark Web” scans and alerting.

So, have you heard of the Dark Web, Andrea?  Did you know that you can get a Dark Web scan done on you personally?  Right now on television, Experian is offering a FREE Dark Web Scan for people personally.  

Companies can have Dark Web Scans done for them as well.
We provide Dark Web Scans for companies like Manufacturers.  Guess what we find more times than not?  

Emails compromised…
Credit Cards compromised…
Associations that you may not want others to know you were involved in (i.e.-Ashley Madison)
And the list goes on and on!
So, what is so important about getting a Dark Web Scan done for your company’s domain?  Everything!  Think about Dropbox, or Linkedin...both were compromised.  Any of us who had accounts in Dropbox and/or Linkedin, most likely also had our passwords and usernames compromised.  Then the bad guys can try to use those same usernames and password elsewhere..and more often than not, they are successful.

So, by staying vigilant and knowing when someone else has been compromised, we can do a better job of protecting ourselves and our companies.

Let’s take a look Andrea.  Here we are looking at the actual email addresses and passwords that one manufacturer has been exposed underground on the Dark Web.  Scary, huh?

More importantly, the bad guys never you really need to have a service that monitors the Dark let you know when a potential area of risk or vulnerability exists so you can counter that and protect your company before anything happens.

2.  Second….make sure you have a company policy that enforces strong password habits and includeswhat we call 2 Factor Authenticaion of 2 Step Verification for the company email and applications whenever possible.  Minimally each user needs to have text verification for access to email or applications.  Companies can use third party programs that are Secure, FREE and easy to train and implement to make sure users have secure passwords that have 2FA or 2SV.

Due to the Human Factor, company users violate this policy all the time because of convenience, and speed.  But, you can easily enforce secure passwords and 2FA with very minimal cost.  Mostly leaders in our manufacturing plants just simply need to make this a priority.

Andrea, you talk a lot about Cyber Technology in Chapter 4 in your book...and how that relates to the Fear of Change….can you help our listeners understand what that means to them personally and for their companies?
Andrea Speaks....

3.  Third….get an automated monthly service that updates and patches all computers, browsers, mobile devices, and can monitor them for health, breaches, etc.  This is what we call our Managed Services, but we also have Managed Security Services as well.

Part of our Managed Information Security Services entails actually helping companies have a place to store their logs and evaluate them for breaches, etc.  I train companies throughout the United States on Firewall to setup, operate and maintain firewalls...WatchGuard to be specific.  

Guess what?  9 out of 10 companies that come to train with me have no logs turned on and therefore, they could not actually know who was in their network or if they had any breach.  The average amount of time it takes a company to learn they have had someone in their network is 240 days….that is a LONNNNNNNGGGG Time!  Much like the Target breach.

Later in Chapter 7 you talk about Cyber Attacks…
Andrea speaks....

THIRD: You the listener might ask, "Cyber and Security are such huge topics….where do I start, what do I do next?"  That is where NIST can help!

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and their Security Framework can help you know what you need to do to get secure and stay secure as well as how to be compliant with the government’s security requirements for contracting purposes.  However, even if you are not involved in government contracting, as cyber security becomes more important and proof of “good faith effort” required by every company to prove they have a security program, the NIST framework will assist you too.

So, we are coming to a close on this episode of The Ararat Connection where we focused on Cyber/Internet & Network security.  Let me remind you that you don’t want to be the weakest link in the security chain.  Your future, your reputation, and your people depend on you!  Get secure and Stay Secure!

If you would like to learn more, you can contact Andrea to access information on her book, workshops, keynote speeches or consulting.  You can connect with her on the Internet  and find out more information at and

If this podcast has peaked your interest cyber and network security, you can learn more at or you can simply call me at 877-327-6385.  We are your IT & Security partner to help you get secure and stay secure in cyberspace.

And remember, Don’t you be the weakest link!…..This has been Dane Deutsch and Andrea Olson at the Ararat Connection.

Until our next journey on the Ararat Connection, this is Dane Deutsch, your host… and remember... “Keep leading with character first!”  Trike On and Smile On!