Friday, November 23, 2007

Proud Brother!

The 9th and 10th of September were some of the most exciting events in my life! My whole family was flown to Bentonville, AR to watch my sister receive an award from Wal-mart.

You would say that this was the most exciting thing too, if your sister was one of only eight truckers chosen out of over 7,000 truckers in the USA to represent one of the largest retailers in the world...Wal-Mart. That's little sister is an 18 wheel "jockey" and has been driving trucks for nearly two decades. With over 7,000 truckers to choose from, only eight Wal-Mart truckers were inducted into the very first Wal-Mart Road Team (i.e.-WAL-MART with eight letters). What an honor and celebration.

Alot of day-after-day over-the-road miles went into winning this prestigious honor for my little sister....over 1,000,000 safe driver miles is only one of her accomplishments. I kind of equate this to the United States Air Force's Thunderbird Team or even the US Navy's Blue Angels. Only the best of the best...the creme de la creme. Way to go SIS!

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