Saturday, February 14, 2009

Are You Going to Finish Strong?

Are You Going to Finish Strong?

In the past, I have shared the "The Go-Giver" philosophy as a alternative method of living our lives. You can learn more about The Go-Giver at

The Go-Giver philosophy is even more apropo today as we see numerous things happening to us as individuals, our economy and even our culture: layoffs, deaths of mature companies, banking turmoil, integrity issues, breakdowns in trust between many entities, and much more. Sometimes lately it has just been plain tough to keep getting up when you are knocked down....and today, maybe more often than in the past, we may each be experiencing some of those tough hard knocks.

I have decided to try to be an encourager during this blog and share with you a video of someone who truly knows what it is like to fall down and have to work hard at getting up again. Don't give up. We don't realize how great we truly may have it. The most important point is to ask ourselves the question, "Am I going to finish strong?"

As my Mom and Dad always say, "the Sun will shine again tomorrow." That also reminds me
of what Rev. Robert Schuller said, "Tough times never last, tough people do."

Again, it is important
to focus on the real question we should be asking ourselves, "Are we going
to finish strong?" In the game of life, it does make a difference how you finish. No matter what the world tells us, you can see the results of greed, corruption, selfishness, etc. all around. Just look at our sports heroes, the leaders in our government, etc. How people "run the race" does
make a difference.

It is my hope that through this story of humility, and "Living Example," more people will act as
living examples to those around them, even if it means that they may not receive anything in
return. The GOLDEN RULE still rules best!

If you want to know more about The Go-Giver, please visit You will find me listed as a walking ambassador. Why not commit yourself to being a walking ambassador for others as well?

I want to thank one of my HTG 15 team members, Roger for this video blessing.

Let's encourage each other and "Keep getting up!" Finish Strong!


Until next month....Keep Leading with Character First...and be a Living Example of
The Go-Giver!

Heidi Ho-

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