Saturday, August 14, 2010

"What is the most common question asked of me?"

“ What is the most common question
asked of me on the campaign trail?”

We have less than 90 days until the November elections. Almost every day, people ask me what the most common question is that I have been asked while campaigning. The answer is: Do you support Term Limits?

I think that is a very interesting question. Why don’t they ask about jobs, or economy, or any other of a myriad of questions that could possibly be asked? The answer is that the people who ask the question eventually also answer their own question with, “I want term limits, because I am tired of career politicians.” So, they really ask me that question to find out if I am going to be a career politician or will I be authentic and genuine and represent the people again? I have learned that people do not care what I know or what I can do for them until they know that I am someone they can trust. The way they seem to be filtering that trust is by asking the question, “Do you support Term Limits?”

The answer is: “YES, I do!” I support 2-3 terms in office. That equals 8-12 years. Statistics show that after 10 years, the majority of politicians do not create useful and productive legislation any more. To truly be a citizen legislator, term limits are necessary. For those that think voting is the way to limit terms…don’t believe it. Many of us are still complacent citizens who don’t study the candidates and don’t take the time to really educate themselves responsibly. In addition, there are advantages that an incumbent has that a challenger does not have. Voting is a right and a privilege.

So, I encourage you to get involved in some form or fashion with a candidate of your choice this voting season. Most importantly, educate yourself on the candidates and turn out to meet them personally if you can. You will be glad you did.  You might even find that there are candidates that are just normal citizens like you and I, and they can be trusted.

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