Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trust in Our Relationships

How do you build trust?  I mean how can we really build trust in our relationships?  What is it that makes others trust us or not?

Very interesting questions, and some tough ones too I might add.

In hosting a John Maxwell Mastermind Group, we have been studying John C. Maxwell's book called, "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership."  In chapter 6 of John's book, he defines the 6th Law of Leadership called "The Law of Solid Ground."

In reviewing this law I came across a YouTube video that John did on that very law.  In the video, John says that trust is composed of two things.  In other words, we can gain and build the trust of others with two things and we need them both:  character and competence.  Competence alone is not enough, we must all have ethics/character as well.  John says, "the two together is the Law of Solid Ground."

Here is the YouTube link to John's video:

After you watch the video, think about the ways in which you can help others to trust you more.  How is your competence?  How is your character?

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Until next time, keep leading with Character 1st!  Heidi Ho - Dane:)

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