Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Leading Talents, Leading Teams"

"Leading Talents, Leading Teams" - Aligning People, Passions, and Positions for Maximum Performance by Lee Ellis

I want to focus on a book by Lee Ellis (a friend, colleague, and mentor) called "Leading Talents, Leading Teams." Specifically, I want to focus on Section 1 titled, "Individual Differences." This section introduces talents, and explains their importance and why we have so much difficulty in being objective about ourselves and others...whether on the job or outside the workplace. Lee has taught me that we really can learn how to better understand our selves and others to optimize our performances on the job or in our personal lives.

According to Lee, talents focus teams on maximum performance, and are the keys to organizational and personal success. However, too many times we mismatch the talents of a person on our team and that causes problems for everyone. Over the years, I have had experiences where the person I thought had the talent for a particular job failed at that job miserably. I wish I had known then what I know now about talents and matching personalities/behaviors with those talents. I would have saved myself and the team member a lot of time and misery by refocusing not only the talent, but ensuring that the person I was putting into that job had the right personality and behavior for the job as well. That is what Lee means when he says "Aligning People, Passions, and Positions for Maximum Performance."
Think about it, if you have ever had to hire someone...wasn't that experience like a guessing game? You do the interviews and check the references, but you never really know if that person will be a match for your position or team based on the behavior after you hire them. So, "Leading Talents, Leading Teams" is all about understanding the 16 personality types that all of us can be tested for. By understanding that personality type and the talents of each of us and those we work with, we can really say that we are aligned for maximum performance.

So, wouldn't it be nice to find out what kind of personality you are? By using Lee's book you can do just that, plus you also receive a Right Path 4 assessment for free. After that, the next time you are looking at hiring someone, you will have an opportunity to test them as well and find out if you are both a match for each other and/or your team. What a wonderful tool!

You can purchase Lee's book at any bookstore or online book seller, but you can also go to our LMDC website (http://lmdc.dcsnetlink.com/) and click on the "Featured Books" link (on the right-hand side of the web page) that is highlighted with an image of the" Leading Talents, Leading Teams" book.

Keep growing and leading yourself and your teams with Character First! Heidi Ho-

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