Thursday, October 25, 2012

Leading with Honor: Finding Your True North?


“Our culture desperately needs courageous servant leaders men and women who have clear vision and strong character, who instill confidence and inspire excellence, who don t fold under pressure, compromise on principle, or practice deception. In short, we need leaders who are committed to leading with honor.”  That quote was the first paragraph of the introduction to a new book written by a friend, colleague, and mentor:  Lee Ellis.  His book is titled “Leading with Honor.”  

This book speaks to our time and culture in a way no other book has.  It directly confronts our culture on the issue of character and principles.  We see it everyday, and experience it almost every hour if not more frequently.  Today, it is somehow ok to tell “white lies” and to misdirect others as long as the outcome is justified.  In addition, and sadly so, we have lost our Moral Compass so we no longer seem to know where the True North is any longer.  

If you are feeling this and sensing the need to once again find your moral compass and travel towards True North again, I encourage you to read this book.  Lee writes in a very personal and practical way and will coach you in subtle, but tremendously strong principled ways to learn your True North and be a character driven person again....leading with honor!


Introductory Video with Lee:

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