Thursday, March 14, 2013

Focus on Your Strengths NOT Your weaknesses

Lately, I have found myself having trouble focusing on a single goal long enough to really feel like I could make a difference. Do you experience that sometimes too? Things in life just get going too fast!

However, I was really encouraged when I came across something that Dr. John C. Maxwell wrote in his book titled, "Talent is not Enough." John wrote, "Focusing on weaknesses instead of strengths is like having a handful of coins—a few made of pure gold and the rest of tarnished copper—and setting aside the gold coins to spend all your time cleaning and shining the copper ones in the hopes of making them look more valuable. No matter how long you spend on them, they will never be worth what the gold ones are. Go with your greatest assets; don’t waste your time."

So instead of focusing on my weaknesses (or struggles, as my friend and mentor Lee Ellis likes to say), I am determined to focus more on my strengths going forward. I now realize that no matter how much I shine the copper in will never be as shiny or valuable as the gold in me. How about you? Is it time to quit shining the copper in you too? We all have some copper, but we all have some gold too. Forget the past and let's focus on our gold ... the strengths and talents we have at the present moment.

Remember...Go For The Gold....Keep Leading with Character First....Dane

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