Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Communication is the Best Medicine

I have always heard that "it is better to give than to receive."  I have also heard it said that a person feels better about life many times when they focus on others rather than themselves.

It is interesting that in our world today so many things pull us to focus on only ourselves and what we can get for our own good.  Sadly, this is all too common in our lives today, and unfortunately our culture and American society as a whole is slipping more towards that mentality everyday.  

So, to counter that bent towards self-focus, I want to share with you two stories, and encourage you to do the right thing for others regardless of whether or not it benefits you personally.  Sometimes we may not realize how many people are watching us or even how we are impacting and influencing others.    The key is to do the right thing and let what may, simply come if it is to be.  That is exactly what these two stories convey.

The first story is best told in this short video.  The actions speak louder than the words as you will see.  

"It is better to give than to receive.  Giving is the best communication, and it is the best medicine too."  

The second story happened recently in Hopkins, Minnesota. It is the story of Joey, who is a Dairy Queen manager at the age of 19 helping a blind customer without even really giving it a second thought.  He just did the right thing!  

Here is the story:  

And here is one of the many blessings that Joey received, because he did the right thing with a good deed without expecting anything in return.

How are you giving to others today?  You could be a key figure in someone's life today.  

Be a Go-Giver ( make it a great day in your "gym." (Gym=your life, family and workplace). Heidi Ho!

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