Thursday, February 5, 2015

"Work the Way You Live" - Google Apps for Work

This is a partial transcript of my Radio Interview with Google Apps for Work user, Terry Whipple.  You can listen live at:

Hello...and Welcome to BlogTalkRadio.  I am Dane DEUTSCH your host....coming to you with The Ararat Connection.  We are really excited about our show today.  There is nothing better in marketing and sales than to sell a product or service that really adds value to a customer...and then for that customer now using the product to become a real fan ...or even a raving fan.  That is what Google Apps has literally done for dozens of our customer companies and organizations we service and support.  

We have some companies with one user, and many that are more than 50 users….all the way up to over 100 users.  No matter the size or location, we don’t have to go on location to help them become Google Apps users, we simply can service and support them from anywhere in the world.   
Better yet...our customers can now use their email, shared calendaring, contacts and documents from anywhere, anytime, and on any device....and do it more securely than their current email system most likely does.  That is the beauty of GA….no need to be “stuck” or have to go to the customer’s site…and....the customers can truly free to “move about the cabin….or the globe” that is....and all for a cost that is way less than the real value of the product.

So, we are here today to share with you...our listeners a great product that can really make your  life better, and that is Google Apps.  Google has a saying, “Work the way you live!”  We want to find out what that means in REAL LIFE for one Google Apps organization and user.  Terry Whipple.  

Terry is a customer of ours and He is the Executive Director for Economic Development in Juneau County, western Wisconsin.  Terry joins us today to tell us how, why and what he did to move his organization to Google Apps.

Hello Terry….and welcome to BlogTalkRadio….The Ararat Connection.

Here are some of the questions that were asked and discussed:

1. You are a Google Apps for Work organization & user now?  What does that mean Terry?

2. How long have you been on GA now?

3. How many users do you have?

4. How painful was the transition from your old email system to the GA?  Did it take a long time to switch?  

5. How did your employees respond?  How did you manage that?

6. What did you use before life with GA?

7. Is life better now with GA?

8. What may have been some of the pain points or challenges with your old email and document management system/process?

9. You used Outlook a lot and were really loyal and happy with Outlook weren’t you?  What made you change your mind, and choose to try out another alternative?

10. Fun....?? YES...FUN!!!

11. Google simplicity &

12. So many people use Outlook these days.  What might you offer as encouragement to people who might consider using Google Apps, since they are scared they might lose their Outlook?

13. Has GA done everything I told you it would do?  Has it done more than I promised?

14. What is life like now that you have gone Google?

Thank you Terry for sharing with us your journey to Google Apps, now that you Work the Way You Live.

This is Dane Deutsch and Terry Whipple on Blog Talk Radio at the Ararat Connection...and remember, “Life is Better with Google Apps...You really can....Work the Way You Live."

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